Experts in Multichannel Retail, E-Commerce, E-Fulfilment and International development


Perceive have expertise in 4 key areas:


Perceive have been involved in many aspects of Multichannel strategy and the development of many of the components required to move a retailer from a single channel, through many channel and on to the goal of true Multichannel Retail


E-commerce is more than just selling goods online, it is a distinct channel and has it's own requirements. Having been involved in many aspects of E-Commerce from range development through to SEO and e-mail marketing, Perceive can support the success of eCommerce operations for any retailer.


Perceive specialises in supporting Retailers develop their business to increase sales, reduce costs and increase profitability. Having worked with many Retailers Perceive has the ability to see your business in a different light and help retailers move to the next level.


Fulfilment is often the last thing considered when developing new or existing channels. Perceive can support the development of fulfilment operations, systems and processes from customer order all the way to delivery and after sales. Our aim is always to increase productivity whilst improving the customer experience of offer. Fulfilment is a necessary requirement but it can be a real enabler and support customer retention.


Consulting projects for:

Perceive - multichannel consulting

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